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What drugs are used in HRT? HRT hormones The 2 main hormones used in HRT are: oestrogen – types used include estradiol, estrone and estriol. progestogen – a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone, such as dydrogesterone, medroxyprogesterone, norethisterone and levonorgestrel.
What can cause early menopause? When menopause occurs before the age of 40, it is referred to as premature menopause. One medical cause of premature menopause is premature ovarian failure. Other causes of premature menopause include damage to the ovaries by chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments, or surgical removal of the ovaries.
Can you be allergic to estradiol? Although a severe allergic reaction to estradiol is rare, immediate medical attention should be sought if symptoms such as a rash, dizziness, swelling, itching or breathing difficulty develop.
Why does progesterone drop in early pregnancy? If your progesterone levels are too low, your uterus may not be able to carry the baby to term. During pregnancy, symptoms of low progesterone include spotting and miscarriage. Low progesterone may indicate ectopic pregnancy. Without progesterone to complement it, estrogen may become the dominant hormone.